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    Tools & Accessories > Tools >

    Turtle Tape Measure
    [larger image]

    Product Information

    Manufacturer: Lantern Moon
    Material: Crochet Thread, Beads & Tape Measure

    Alternate View
    [larger image]

    Alternate View
    [larger image]

    Turtle Tape Measure

    As a clever addition to the whimsical tape measure collection already available from Lantern Moon, their "Turtle Tape Measure" is absolutely adorable. Beautifully hand crocheted (just check out those intricate feet!) from fine crochet thread, this little tool is no slow poke in helping you with your next knitting, crochet or sewing project. Just pull on his tail to display the cleverly hidden 5-foot tape measure. Then when you're done, just press his tummy and the tape snaps back into place. Terrific gift idea or marvelous for you to carry along in your own craft tote bag.

    Also check out our selection of other cute Lantern Moon tape measures:
    Sheep Tape Measure
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    Chicken & Egg Tape Measure

    Our Price: $10.50


    Turtle (7-2815)     In stock! (Limited Supply, 4 available.)
    Ships by next business day.


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