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+ Top 30 Projects for 2013


With the new year starting tomorrow, now is the time for reflection, and here are Yarnmarket we are looking back at the Top 30 most popular projects for 2013. It's interesting what you have found most fun to create and there are some exciting trends we're seeing in your choices showcased in this last bulletin for 2013. So join us for our special countdown to the #1 project for the year!

Also remember that our special After Christmas Sale runs through next Monday, January 6, 2014, or while quantities last.

Projects #30 Through #21 Feature Goodies for Women, Men, Kids & Your Home

Vintage Artin Mens Cabled Pullover
Artin Men's Cabled Pullover

Sirdar Snuggly Bolero and Cap
Snuggly Bolero & Cap
Anny Blatt Absolu Swirl Cowl
Absolu Swirl Cowl

To start our countdown of the top 30 Projects for 2013, we're excited to share with you all of these goodies beginning with #30 and reviewing through #21 in this first section of the final December Bulletin for 2013:

  • In the 30th spot on the list comes the colorful Monsoon Shawl Collar Vest, a striking vest created with "Monsoon" yarn from James C. Brett and designed by Jenny Watson.

  • #29 brings us the sensational Absolu Swirl Cowl, a stunning way to indulge yourself and it even starts with a free pattern you can print out for yourself.

  • At #28 we have the Silk Mohair Openwork Shawl, a dressy yet easy way to jazz up any outfit and it also begins with a free pattern you can print for yourself.

  • Then the Holiday Garland comes in at #27 and is another free pattern that works equally well for a birthday party as it does for Christmas depending on the colors you combine!

  • Crystal Palace DragonFly and Fizz Scarf
    DragonFly & Fizz Scarf  
  • #26 features another free pattern from Crystal Palace -- the DragonFly & Fizz Scarf that will dress up any jacket or coat all year long.

  • Next for the little ones in your life, check out #25 -- the adorable Snuggly Bolero & Cap sized from newborn up to six years old.

  • Another great scarf pattern from Crystal Palace comes in at #24 and showcases one of their most popular yarns. The Mini Mochi Rainbow Scarf is terrifically easy since it uses a self-striping yarn and starts with a free pattern too.

  • Then another wrap project will take your breath away with #23, the spectacular Impressionist La Boheme Wrap that begins with a Yarnmarket-exclusive pattern free with your yarn purchase.

  • With #22, we see that you started creating goodies for the men in your life! The Vintage Artin Men's Cabled Pullover is a classic sweater style from Norah Gaughan and her talented design team at Berroco.

  • And rounding off the first set of popular projects from our list comes the Peruvia Tinson Men's Slouch Hat, an easy-to-knit man's trendy hat using Berroco's "Peruvia" yarn.

  • Projects #20 Through #11 Showcase Lots of Baby Things & Headwear

    Berroco Brio Stratton Hooded Scarf
    Stratton Hooded Scarf

    Liberty Wool Light Cardiganism Cardigan
    Liberty Wool Cardigan
    Noro Koromo Lace Sweater
    Koromo Lace Sweater

    Now the next 10 projects in our special New Year's Eve countdown bring you lots of great items for babies and yourself including some of the most popular headwear from the past year:

  • In the 20th spot comes the beautiful Koromo Lace Sweater, another lovely gem that starts with a free pattern!

  • #19 brings you a precious little girl's pattern from Crystal Palace with the Cuddles DK Little Girl's Dress in sizes 1 to 6.

  • Then the sensational Liberty Wool Light Cardiganism Cardigan is a fantastic #18 that's knitted side to side for less finishing work.

  • Ty-Dy Pinata Toddler Tank Top
    Ty-Dy Toddler Tank  
  • For a stunning piece of headwear right in vogue with the latest trends, consider #17 -- the Cashmerino Aran Gatsby Turban.

  • Any little girl in your life will love #16 -- the feminine Ty-Dy Pinata Toddler Tank Top with its fabulous ruffles and auto striping.

  • Next #15 gives you another way to add color & texture to your favorite jacket or coat with the Aria Wrap & Drop Stitch Scarf that any advanced beginner can create.

  • Then another cardigan project comes in as #14 with the Boboli Dodgson Cardigan in sizes X-Small to 2X.

  • Lucky #13 shows you how to combine two great Filatura baby yarns in the Bubble & Party Baby Blanket that any advanced beginner can create.

  • Next #12 features one of our newest scarf projects from Berroco -- the clever & colorful Brio Stratton Hooded Scarf.

  • And #11 gives you another great Yarnmarket-exclusive baby project with the Super Easy Bubble Baby Blanket that any beginner can knit up.

  • Finishing Up the Countdown with Neckwear, Headgear & Tops

    Gold Rush Fan Stitch Cowl
    Fan Stitch Cowl

    Cashmerino Aran Blackberry Beanie
    Blackberry Beanie
    Berroco Glee Waver Scarf
    Glee Waver Scarf

    We're excited to be featuring these Top 10 most popular projects of 2013 for our grand finale to this last bulletin of 2013 too:

    Noro Taiyo Lace Color Block Top
    Noro Color Block Top  
  • The lovely Taiyo Lace Color Block Top comes in as #10.

  • A close runner-up at #9 is the beautiful Kid Merino Mist Lace Scarf, a scarf as light as a morning mist and using only one ball of yarn.

  • The stylish Cirrus Ryll Headband is featured as #8 and gives you another option to keep your ears snuggly warm.

  • The next two items on our list have fantastic scarf projects in the spotlight: #7 is the Glee Waver Scarf, and #6 is the Elfin Tweed Garter Fern Scarf.

  • Then at #5 we have the sensational Cashmerino Aran Blackberry Beanie.

  • Next for your favorite little girl, dress up her doll in the trendy Mochi Plus 18" Doll Poncho & Beret coming in at #4.

  • In 3rd place and 2nd place respectively we have two more outstanding scarf projects -- the Cora Natural Sheepish Scarf and the Hurray Braidley 1-Hank Scarf.

  • And as the grand finale and the piece de resistance, we have the #1 hottest project for 2013 by far -- the superb Gold Rush Fan Stitch Cowl from Crystal Palace!

  • And as always, Happy Knitting & Crocheting!

    Your Yarnmarket Knitting Store Staff