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    Color Selection Grid
    Easy tool to help you select the color combos for your next project

    Sock Monkey Tape Measure
    Whimsical, collectible gift idea for crafters of all kinds

    Baaabs Apron
    $4.85 (4 Colors)
    Adorable way to customize the Baaabs Scissor Holder for various tastes

    Cake Tape Measure
    Fab yet practical gift for that crafty friend's or relative's special day

    Chicken & Egg Tape Measure
    Cute, funky way to measure all of your knitted & crocheted projects

    Panda Tape Measure
    Handcrafted panda bear covering a practical tape measure makes a fun accessory.

    Peace Sign Tape Measure
    Wonderful retro tape measure design for great practical purposes

    Queen Bee Tape Measure
    Clever tool designed with a crown for all the special women in your life

    Rabbit Tape Measure
    Adorable gift for nature lovers of all ages

    Sheep Tape Measure
    $10.50 (3 Colors)
    From Lantern Moon, an adorable gift idea for your favorite "crafty" friends and relatives.

    Turtle Tape Measure
    Incredibly cute hand crocheted tool for your knitting, crochet & sewing projects

    Knitter's Pride Needle Gauge (View Sizer)
    Innovative needle gauge with magnifying ruler for checking gauge swatches

    Bear Tape Measure
    Reminiscent of your favorite teddy bear, this Lantern Moon tool is cute & handy.

    Susan Bates Pom Pom Makers
    $2.88 to $7.38
    Fun, versatile tools to make pom poms quickly & easily

    Susan Bates Plastic Yarn Needles
    Affordable, durable plastic yarn needles for all your craft projects

    Susan Bates Bent Tip Steel Yarn Needles
    Set of two bent tip steel yarn needles in sizes 13 & 16

    Susan Bates Open End CableStitch Holders
    Versatile hook-style holder to use when creating lovely cables

    Heavy Duty Ball Winder
    Terrific, commercial-grade ball winder now available from Nancy's Knit Knacks

    ChiaoGoo Wooden Yarn Swift
    Amish-style yarn swift will save you time & effort.

    Ashford Umbrella Swift
    Wooden umbrella swift makes winding yarn skeins into balls easy & convenient.

    Royal Ball Winder
    Center pull ball winder from Royal

    Metallic Swift
    Metallic swift in handy storage case for winding skeins into balls

    Fix-A-Stitch Repair Tool
    Perfect tool for picking up stitches no matter what the yarn weight

    Block n Roll Mat
    Easy to use to block or steam your projects and convenient to store

    "Shiro" Retractable Tape Measure (#806)
    A compact and convenient retractable Tape Measure for your tool bag

    Hairpin Lace Loom
    Fabulous tool for creating the traditional lacework called hairpin lace

    Rigid Heddle Loom
    $190.00 to $215.00
    Discover a new hobby while you explore the ancient craft of weaving with a Rigid Heddle Loom from Ashford of New Zealand.

    Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Stand
    $142.00 to $145.00
    Convenient stand with 2 shelves & foot rest designed exclusively for the Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom

    Ashford Knitters Loom
    The compact Knitters Loom from Ashford makes weaving simple to understand & portable at last!

    Ashford Knitters Loom Carry Bag
    Perfect storage case for your Knitters Loom plus supplies

    Rigid Heddle Reeds
    $19.85 to $31.35
    Natural Wood Rigid Heddle 5 d.p.i. Reeds from Ashford in New Zealand

    Ashford Shuttles
    $3.75 to $6.75
    Natural wood Shuttles from Ashford in New Zealand. Sold individually. Available in 6, 10, 14, and 22-inch sizes.

    Sheep Needle/Stitch Gauge
    Goose Pond's "Sheep Needle/Stitch Gauge" is cute, clever yet elegant and the perfect gift for that special knitter.

    Steel T Blocking Pins
    Set of 20 long, steel "T" blocking pins from Pony

    Knitting Bobbin Set (#332)
    Set of 6 knitting bobbins from Clover to help keep your yarn under control!

    Knitting Register (#328)
    Easy, inexpensive way to keep track of your knitting rows since it fits on needles up to size 10.5 U.S.

    Wonder Knitter (#3101)
    Great retro tool for teaching handcraft basics and knitting accessories for your handbag, beadwork jewelry and toy projects

    "Kacha Kacha" Row Counter (#336)
    This cool Row Counter makes a satisfying "Kacha" noise when you click it.

    Knit Chek (#14099)
    You'll never want to be without this handy multi-use tool

    Knit Light Batteries
    Easy-to-replace pack of 6 batteries (1.5 volt)

    Ashford Felting Needle Pack
    Set of 10 36-gauge felting needles from Ashford Handicrafts

    Ashford Felting Needle Punch
    Wooden needle felting punch for working larger areas & storing needles

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