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    Knitting Yarn > Hand Painted & Hand Dyed Yarns >

    Hand Painted & Hand Dyed Yarns

    For true originality and individualized results, choose from our exciting collection by some of the most exclusive manufacturers in the world.

    "Bon Bon" Yarn
    $15.85 (13 Colors)
    Prism's "Bon Bon" -- panache & elegance all year in lovely sand-washed colors

    "Candy" Yarn
    $39.35 (1 Colors)
    Save 30% OFF unique handcrafted yarn with only the finest materials available

    "Angel Solid" Yarn
    $16.35 (3 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF this lovely angora/wool blend in solids

    Fiesta Cruise Yarn Collection
    $30.00 to $30.00
    $20.99 to $20.99
    Save 30% OFF limited edition colorways based on exotic cruise destinations

    "Big Blue" Yarn
    $19.85 (0 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF chunky, hand-dyed gem crafted of the cashmere of wool yarns

    "Merino Worsted Multi" Yarn
    $11.00 (0 Colors)
    Exquisite hand-dyed color combos in buttery soft, 100% merino wool

    "Tosh Chunky" Yarn
    $19.70 (92 Colors)
    Hand-dyed, velvety 100% merino wool with excellent stitch definition

    "Merino Worsted Semi-Solid" Yarn
    $11.00 (7 Colors)
    Lusciously soft hand-dyed yarn from Uruguay in that ever-versatile worsted weight

    "Blue Face Leicester Aran" Yarn
    $37.00 (0 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF wool's answer to cashmere in worsted that felts beautifully

    "Angel Multi" Yarn
    $16.35 (2 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF this lovely angora/wool blend

    "Cool Stuff (Half Skein)" Yarn
    $51.85 (13 Colors)
    Prism "Cool Stuff" yarn is lightweight luxury in a blend of elegant fiber treatments.

    "Beaded Ensemble & Sequins" Yarn
    $81.85 (10 Colors)
    Marvelous option for luxurious eveningwear & special occasions

    "Avarice Hand Paints" Yarn
    $15.85 (3 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF for lovely color blends in 100% prime alpaca, select "Avarice Hand Paints" from Twisted Sisters

    "Daktari" Yarn
    $12.35 (10 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF "Daktari" by Twisted Sisters gives you a sensuous, innovative, colorful choice for all your projects!

    "Beaded Mohair & Sequins" Yarn
    $47.85 (15 Colors)
    Terrific way to add glitz & glamour to any wardrobe in a scarf, jacket or vest

    "Cool Stuff (Full Skein)" Yarn
    $91.85 (11 Colors)
    Fabulous full skein version of lightweight fiber blend

    "Blue Face Leicester DK" Yarn
    $19.85 (0 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF sensational DK version of well-respected sought-after wool

    "Impressionist Beaded Silk" Yarn
    $35.85 (8 Colors)
    Exquisite, glamorous addition to Iris Schreier's Artyarns silk collection

    "Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock" Yarn
    $23.15 (19 Colors)
    Exquisite blend of alpaca, merino, silk & nylon for all your fine-gauge projects

    "Giotto" Yarn
    $26.85 (11 Colors)
    Luxurious, shimmering ribbon concoction of cotton, rayon & nylon

    "Haiku Handpaint Colorways" Yarn
    $24.00 (9 Colors)
    Fab loft & subtle sheen make this yarn terrific for shawls, scarves & more.

    "Tosh DK" Yarn
    $22.00 (114 Colors)
    Superbly beautiful colorways in lightweight, 100% machine wash merino

    "Haiku Handpaint Elements" Yarn
    $22.00 (6 Colors)
    Lovely tone-on-tone colors in generous hanks blending silk & mohair

    "Rios" Yarn
    $13.50 (0 Colors)
    Supple softness you love now in a 100% merino that's superwash

    "Jitterbug" Yarn
    $24.85 (13 Colors)
    Ultimate easy care, 100% merino sock yarn and it's hand painted!

    "Beaded Silk & Sequins" Yarn
    $45.85 (12 Colors)
    Superb blend of silk with glass beads & elegant sequins for the ultimate dressy look

    "Daktari Hand Paints" Yarn
    $12.35 (1 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF for one-of-a-kind artistry, select "Daktari Hand Paints" by Twisted Sisters for your light worsted projects.

    "Jazz" Yarn
    $14.35 (5 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF "Jazz" from Twisted Sisters -- beautifully hand-dyed, 100% fine merino for all your DK/light worsted projects

    "Impressions" Yarn
    $51.85 (6 Colors)
    Prism "Impressions" yarn is everything you could want from a truly original creation.

    "Swirl Chunky Solid" Yarn
    $20.85 (9 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF quick-to-knit merino/silk blend

    "Manos Silk Blend Semi-Solid" Yarn
    $13.85 (21 Colors)
    Superb blend of velvety soft wool with sumptuous silk for lightweight yet warm garments

    "Wensleydale Long Locks" Yarn
    $45.48 (0 Colors)
    Glistening, soft yarn hand-spun by Namaste Farms

    "Manos Silk Blend Space-Dyed" Yarn
    $14.35 (12 Colors)
    Sensational color combos in a superb silk/wool blend for DK-weight projects

    "Cashmere 5" Yarn
    $51.85 (11 Colors)
    "Cashmere 5" by Artyarns -- luxurious feel & drape in unplied, 100% cashmere

    "Impressionist Supermerino" Yarn
    $10.45 (8 Colors)
    Gorgeous worsted-weight merino from Artyarns in Impressionist colors

    "Swirl Chunky Multi" Yarn
    $20.85 (0 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF quick-to-knit merino/silk blend in lovely multi hues

    "Indulgence" Yarn
    $23.85 (17 Colors)
    Superb blend of silk & mohair with a wool/nylon binder for shimmering shawls, scarves & more

    "Jazz Hand Paints" Yarn
    $14.35 (4 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF beautiful colors & terrifically fine merino make "Jazz Hand Paints" by Twisted Sisters ideal for cool weather

    "Lust" Yarn
    $28.85 (1 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF Indulge yourself with the Twisted Sisters yarn you'll crave -- "Lust" for lightweight knitting & crochet projects

    "Kid Slique" Yarn
    $21.85 (14 Colors)
    Silky & fuzzy in those spectacular "Stuff" colors, Prism's "Kid Slique" is great for cool-weather projects.

    "Swirl DK Solid" Yarn
    $12.85 (1 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF lightweight merino/silk blend with fab candy cane effect

    "Impressionist Silk Mohair" Yarn
    $21.85 (8 Colors)
    Silk Mohair yarn in Impressionist Collection colors as interpreted by Artyarns

    "Manos Wool Clasica Naturals" Yarn
    $16.85 (1 Colors)
    Superb mix of undyed & overdyed fibers for stunning marled results

    "Manos Wool Clasica Semi-Solid" Yarn
    $17.35 (45 Colors)
    Subtly thick & thin, kettle dyed wool for garments, accessories & felting

    "Impressionist Tencel Tape" Yarn
    $15.85 (8 Colors)
    Lovely 100% Tencel fiber from Prism creation in the Impressionist Collection colors

    "Silk Purse Handpaint Colorways" Yarn
    $34.00 (7 Colors)
    Super elegant 100% silk fiber that is saturated with color & sheen

    "Light Stuff (Half Skein)" Yarn
    $51.85 (8 Colors)
    Prism "Light Stuff" is one of the most unique and beautiful yarns you'll ever knit with!

    "Lust Hand Paints" Yarn
    $28.35 (3 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF Just imagine how fabulous this mohair & silk blend looks & feels in super Twisted Sisters color combos

    "Mirage" Yarn
    $13.85 (5 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF each skein of "Mirage" by Twisted Sisters shimmers with the subtleties of a three-dimensional masterpiece

    "Light Stuff (Full Skein)" Yarn
    $91.85 (8 Colors)
    Beautiful blend of cotton, bamboo & synthetics for hand-dyed splendor

    "Silk Purse Handpaint Elements" Yarn
    $32.00 (8 Colors)
    Luxurious, single ply yarn crafted of 100% silk that's delicately slubbed

    "Manos Wool Clasica Space-Dyed" Yarn
    $18.35 (15 Colors)
    Fab blend of colors in a soft, kettle dyed, heavy-worsted weight wool

    "Silken Straw Handpaint Colorways" Yarn
    $34.00 (5 Colors)
    Wondrous sheen & variegated hues make this DK-weight gem ideal for accessories & garments.

    "Merino Mia" Yarn
    $15.35 (25 Colors)
    Springy, 100% merino yarn with a firm twist & velvety softness

    "Mirage Hand Paints" Yarn
    $13.85 (7 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF perfect for a wide variety of Twisted Sisters patterns is the rayon/cotton blend "Mirage Hand Paints."

    "Neat Stuff (Half Skein)" Yarn
    $51.85 (11 Colors)
    With a terrific blend of fibers & hand-dyed colors, Prism's "Neat Stuff" creates exquisite additions to your wardrobe.

    "Silken Straw Handpaint Elements" Yarn
    $32.00 (16 Colors)
    Unique texture in a 100% silk yarn that softens incredibly as it's worked & worn

    "Neat Stuff (Full Skein)" Yarn
    $91.85 (11 Colors)
    Fab combo of fibers & hand-dyed colors without any eyelash or glitter

    "Silk Pearl" Yarn
    $43.85 (14 Colors)
    Lovely DK-weight 100% silk yarn for your lightweight scarves, tops & more

    "Saki" Yarn
    $31.85 (14 Colors)
    Machine wash & dry merino/nylon blend for fingering & sport-weight projects

    "Silk Rhapsody Glitter" Yarn
    $51.85 (10 Colors)
    Ooh & aah over fabulous "Silk Rhapsody Glitter" by Artyarns, ideal for those dressy occasions.

    "Symphony" Yarn
    $19.85 (22 Colors)
    Fab fiber blend of softness & luxury for all your light worsted projects

    "Voodoo" Yarn
    $19.35 (4 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF lusciously soft, 50/50 silk & merino blend

    "Zazu" Yarn
    $15.35 (1 Colors)
    Save 40% OFF A lovely, ultrasoft, 2-ply merino for your fingering & DK-weight projectss

    "Supermerino" Yarn (50-gram hank)
    $9.85 (15 Colors)
    Softly luscious with great stitch definition, Artyarns' "Supermerino" will quickly become a fall/winter favorite!

    "Wild Stuff (Half Skein)" Yarn
    $51.85 (19 Colors)
    Prism "Wild Stuff" is a contradiction in forms: from the cosy comfort of velour to the shimmering elegance of metallics.

    "Wild Stuff (Full Skein)" Yarn
    $91.85 (16 Colors)
    Superb blend of mohair, wool, cotton, bamboo & synthetics in hand-dyed beauty

    "Silk Garden Lite" Yarn
    $11.95 (15 Colors)
    Terrific, lighter version of Noro's popular "Silk Garden," "Silk Garden Lite" is an all-weather standout.

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