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    Knitting Yarn > Crystal Palace Yarn >

    Crystal Palace Yarn

    Crystal Palace Yarn is a Yarnmarket favorite. Crystal Palace offers a wide variety of styles and textures including natural fibers, synthetic creations and unique combinations of the two for lovely novelty & traditional classic yarn choices. With over 55 Crystal Palace options at Yarnmarket, you're sure to find the right selection for your next project whether spring, summer, fall or winter!
    Check out our selection of:
    •Crystal Palace Patterns
    •Crystal Palace Discontinued Bargain Yarns

    "Aria" Yarn
    $10.25 (7 Colors)
    Soft rayon/wool blend yarn that gives you great colors & textures

    "BeBop" Yarn
    $5.75 (15 Colors)
    Great accent yarn from Crystal Palace, "BeBop" gives outstanding shimmer to all your special projects.

    "Blippity" Yarn
    $5.75 (6 Colors)
    Fun & colorful, Crystal Palace's novelty "Blippity" works well as a companion yarn.

    "Choo-Choo" Yarn
    $6.25 (17 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's "Choo-Choo" is an unusual railroad ribbon yarn with a fine black outline around the edges.

    "Chunky Mochi" Yarn
    $8.25 (12 Colors)
    Quick-to-create blend of merino & nylon for fast knitting & crochet projects

    "Cotton Chenille" Yarn
    $7.35 (24 Colors)
    Beautifully textured, ultra-soft "Cotton Chenille" from Crystal Palace

    "Cotton Twirl Print" Yarn
    $6.05 (20 Colors)
    Lovely multi-hued cotton blend for all your warm-weather projects

    "Cotton Twirl Solid" Yarn
    $5.05 (24 Colors)
    Fab cotton & elastic blend for projects that keep their shape

    "Cuddles Print" Yarn
    $4.75 (12 Colors)
    Multi-hued, 100% microfiber acrylic to use alone or teamed with solids

    "Cuddles Solid" Yarn
    $4.25 (26 Colors)
    Fabulous heavy worsted, 100% supersoft acrylic for year-round projects

    "Cuddles DK Print" Yarn
    $4.75 (11 Colors)
    Lovely variegated 100% microfiber acrylic that's supsersoft

    "Cuddles DK Solid" Yarn
    $4.25 (15 Colors)
    Great lighter weight version of quick-to-create "Cuddles"

    "Deco Ribbon" Yarn
    $5.65 (34 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's "Deco Ribbon" is a ribbon yarn in fantastic solid colors with exciting contrasting pinstripes.

    "Deco Stardust" Yarn
    $8.65 (13 Colors)
    Sparkly "Deco Stardust" by Crystal Palace works beautifully in scarves, bags, ponchos and so much more!

    "DragonFly" Yarn
    $8.25 (13 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's sensational, fun eyelash "DragonFly" makes fabulous novelty scarves.

    "Fizz Solid" Yarn
    $6.65 (15 Colors)
    Crystal Palace "Fizz" Solid yarn is a beautiful solid color eyelash yarn. Wonderful alone, or in combination with other yarns.

    "Fizz Stardust" Yarn
    $7.65 (9 Colors)
    "Fizz Stardust" brings shimmer and shine to the ever-popular "Fizz" from Crystal Palace.

    "Fizz Variegated" Yarn
    $6.65 (35 Colors)
    Crystal Palace "Fizz" Variegated yarn is a multicolor eyelash yarn. Wonderful alone, or in combination with other yarns.

    "Fling Print" Yarn
    $8.35 (11 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's "Fling Print" combines funky, tissue-thin fabric eyelashes with shimmering metallic.

    "Fling Solid" Yarn
    $7.35 (3 Colors)
    Funky, novelty, fabric eyelash yarn

    "Glam" Yarn
    $6.75 (10 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's "Glam" combines matte and metallic, solid and variegated, and multiple fiber types for spectacular results.

    "Gold Rush" Yarn
    $8.65 (6 Colors)
    Gorgeous, quick-to-create blend of cotton, merino & metallic

    "Kid Merino Print" Yarn
    $6.05 (8 Colors)
    Breathtaking colors & cuddly softness come together beautifully in Crystal Palace's "Kid Merino Print."

    "Kid Merino Solid" Yarn
    $5.05 (17 Colors)
    "Kid Merino Solid" from Crystal Palace gives you fuzzy, velvety softness in a multi-weight blend

    "Little Flowers" Yarn
    $6.65 (22 Colors)
    “Little Flowers” from Crystal Palace – the perfect choice for shimmering color & twinkling highlights

    "Mendocino" Yarn
    $9.65 (11 Colors)
    Machine wash, worsted weight, merino/nylon blend that self stripes too

    "Merino 5 Print" Yarn
    $7.25 (30 Colors)
    Crafted of 100% Australian merino wool with a perfect 5 stitches to the inch gauge

    "Merino 5 Solid" Yarn
    $7.25 (38 Colors)
    Fab softness in a 100% merino yarn with perfect worsted-weight gauge

    "Merino Frappe" Yarn
    $7.65 (1 Colors)
    Terrific merino-nylon blend that's supersoft, fuzzy & heathered

    "Merino Stripes" Yarn
    $7.65 (1 Colors)
    Snuggly softness in a self-striping wool blend for any quick-to-knit project

    "Mikado Ribbon Print" Yarn
    $7.05 (18 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's "Mikado Ribbon Print" -- a soft, variegated, thin ribbon yarn for tops, pullovers and scarves

    "Mikado Ribbon Solid" Yarn
    $4.52 (7 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's "Mikado Ribbon Solid" -- a wonderfully soft, thin ribbon yarn, great knit alone or in combination

    "Mini Mochi" Yarn
    $9.05 (30 Colors)
    Lovely self-striping wool blend for your sock & lacy projects

    "Mini Solid" Yarn
    $8.05 (8 Colors)
    Single-hued version of popular fingering-weight "Mini Mochi"

    "Mochi Plus" Yarn
    $8.25 (34 Colors)
    Fab worsted-weight version of self-striping "Mini Mochi" for garments & accessories

    "Monaco" Yarn
    $7.45 (2 Colors)
    Fab blend of rayon, bamboo, nylon & acrylic in auto-striping yarn

    "Moonshine" Yarn
    $9.65 (14 Colors)
    Lovely blend of mohair, wool & nylon with bursts of metallic fun

    "Nubbles" Yarn
    $7.65 (12 Colors)
    For funky texture in terrific Crystal Palace color combos, choose chunky, quick-to-knit "Nubbles."

    "Panda Cotton Print" Yarn
    $6.75 (16 Colors)
    Terrific color combos for socks & baby things in an eco-friendly bamboo blend

    "Panda Cotton Solid" Yarn
    $6.75 (16 Colors)
    Great eco-friendly, fingering-weight option for socks, baby clothes & more!

    "Panda Cotton Stria Dyed" Yarn
    $6.90 (5 Colors)
    Superb cousin to self-striping "Panda Cotton Print"

    "Panda Silk Print" Yarn
    $8.45 (21 Colors)
    Superb blend of bamboo, wool & silk in a fingering-weight yarn

    "Panda Silk Solid" Yarn
    $8.45 (21 Colors)
    Lovely eco-friendly blend carefully color coordinated to the multis

    "Party Print" Yarn
    $5.75 (26 Colors)
    Enjoy silky soft, glimmering "Party Print" from Crystal Palace in your next scarf, top or shawl.

    "Party Solid" Yarn
    $5.75 (10 Colors)
    Shimmering & silky, Crystal Palace's "Party Solid" is a glamorous, year-round ribbon.

    "Plus Solid" Yarn
    $7.75 (8 Colors)
    Terrific companion yarn to "Mochi Plus" but now in single hues

    "Poof" Yarn
    $6.75 (24 Colors)
    Everything you create from ultra-soft "Poof" from Crystal Palace will be fun to wear and cuddle!

    "Popcorn" Yarn
    $6.65 (8 Colors)
    With lots of soft, chenille bobbles, Crystal Palace's "Popcorn" stands out from those same-old novelties.

    "Puffin Dot" Yarn
    $7.25 (6 Colors)
    Whimsical dot-dyeing & superb softness make "Puffin Dot" a great option for all ages.

    "Puffin Print" Yarn
    $7.25 (8 Colors)
    Variegated, cuddly soft, quick-to-create polyester fleece yarn

    "Puffin Solid" Yarn
    $7.25 (3 Colors)
    Velvety softness in 100% polyester fleece for quick-to-knit baby, children & adult outfits

    "Punk" Yarn
    $8.25 (3 Colors)
    Save 25% OFF funky, innovative "Punk" to spice up your wardrobe

    "Rave Print" Yarn
    $6.75 (17 Colors)
    For a lustrous, soft outfit, create your next sweater, jacket or scarf in Crystal Palace's "Rave Print" & wear it year round!

    "Rave Solid" Yarn
    $6.75 (8 Colors)
    Hot, traffic-stopping colors & lustrous softness give Crystal Palace's "Rave Solid" a great dressy or casual look.

    "Sausalito" Yarn
    $9.25 (18 Colors)
    Tweedy, auto-striping fingering weight of soft merino & snap-back nylon

    "Shag" Yarn
    $5.65 (9 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's "Shag" works equally well for comfy sweaters and strikingly colorful accessories.

    "Shambala" Yarn
    $8.45 (6 Colors)
    Wonderfully soft wool slow striper with a touch of silk

    "Splash" Yarn
    $9.65 (47 Colors)
    Crystal Palace "Splash" yarn looks and feels like feathers. A 100% polyester eyelash yarn.

    "Squiggle Print" Yarn
    $8.35 (20 Colors)
    Crystal Palace "Squiggle" is a novelty spaced yarn. You'll love the unique effect of the Squiggle Mixed Colors. Alone or in combination, it's sure to make a fashion statement!

    "Squiggle Solid" Yarn
    $7.35 (14 Colors)
    A novelty spaced eyelash yarn that's great alone or as an add-along yarn with Fizz

    "Summer Net" Yarn
    $6.45 (8 Colors)
    Crystal Palace "Summer Net" yarn is a mesh hand-knitting yarn made of a special fiber blend for summer comfort!

    "Tingle" Yarn
    $6.65 (9 Colors)
    Crystal Palace's "Tingle" yarn is a dramatic new eyelash yarn with more lashes than you've likely ever seen.

    "TuTu" Yarn
    $6.75 (8 Colors)
    Superb self-ruffling yarn crafted of acrylic & polyester for great fun

    "TuTu Lame" Yarn
    $7.75 (7 Colors)
    Fabulous dressy version of self ruffling TuTu yarn

    "TuTu Solid" Yarn
    $6.75 (6 Colors)
    Fab single-hued version of incredibly popular self-ruffling yarn

    "Waikiki" Yarn
    $6.65 (22 Colors)
    Delightful combination of color & texture makes Crystal Palace's "Waikiki" a yummy yarn for spring & summer.

    "Whisper Print" Yarn
    $7.65 (12 Colors)
    Crystal Palace "Whisper" is a beautiful microfiber nylon eyelash in 20 printed and solid colors.

    "Whisper Solid" Yarn
    $7.65 (4 Colors)
    Crystal Palace "Whisper" is a beautiful microfiber nylon eyelash in 20 printed and solid colors.

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